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Why is the color so important?


Sellers are advised to paint their homes before they list their property. However, it is important to remember the importance of color.

Zillow’s analysis of over 32,000 photos shows that certain colors can increase or decrease a property’s selling prices. The analysis took into account square footage, age, date of transaction, location, and then compared home sales with and without colorful walls to determine the difference in the prices.

What does this mean? According to Zillow chief economist Svenja Guidell, color has a huge impact on buyers and can be used as a “powerful instrument” to attract potential bidders. Trends can change over time, so it is worth considering which tints would be most popular with potential buyers. Zillow’s 2017 survey revealed that yellow was the most popular color for kitchens last year. However, another shade is now in favor.

Gudrell stated in a statement that desirable colors “help future buyers imagine themselves living in this space.”

Zillow also warned that certain colors could be a deterrent to buyers, particularly darker colors.

Some paint companies provide digital tools that allow you to upload photos and select different colors for your rooms. These include Sherwin-Williams ( SHW) and Glidden ( PPG) paint visualization sites.

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